My Story

city-lights-headshotI am a freelance writer and editor with more than a decade of experience writing about business, leadership and social media. In addition to being I am a regular contributor to AdWeek’s Social Times blog, I am a founding partner for the digital upstart CultureMass Media, Inc. and Editor-in-Chief for

I started my writing career as the co-author and editor of The Freedom Writer’s Diary (Doubleday 1999), an aspirational collection of autobiographical short stories, a New York Times best seller and the basis for the 2007 Paramount Studios feature film “Freedom Writers.” I continue to work with Erin Gruwell and the Freedom Writers Foundation as an inspirational speaker, student mentor, copywriter and training teachers via the Freedom Writers Institute.

Since publishing the Freedom Writer’s Diary, I’ve worked as an editor for several publishers — including Entrepreneur magazine. I have built blogs, websites and editorial systems from the ground up; I have written copy for websites, newsletters, brochures; written business features and profiles; and edited several books including Scott Gerber’s debut title Never Get a ‘Real’ Job (Wiley 2010).

If you’re looking for a book editor, a ghostwriter for your executive thought leadership campaigns, or a top notch content marketing copywriter, check out my portfolio and shoot me an email. And if you’re interested in practicing yoga with me, we can do that too. :-)