My Story


I’m a storyteller at heart and I’ve been telling stories for and about business since 2006. I specialize in writing editorial features, profiles, case studies and long-form researched content for businesses that want to establish industry thought leadership and educate their audience.

I cut my teeth in digital media as an editor for a business blog network before becoming an online editor for Entrepreneur magazine. While at Entrepreneur, I managed five channels and up to 30 expert columnists, one of whom became my first client when I left the magazine to pursue my freelance writing and editing dream.

I’ve written and edited content for digital upstarts and national publications; worked with enterprising solopreneurs and executives at high growth tech companies; written copy for newsletters, blogs and websites; built editorial systems from the ground up; and edited both fiction and nonfiction books. My work has appeared on Forbes, Fortune,, Business Insider, MSNBC, Fast Company, Inc., TIME, and AdWeek.

While business writing has been my bread and butter, I’ve written lifestyle guides for (before it became DotDash), cultural and political analysis, and co-authored and edited The Freedom Writer’s Diary (Doubleday 1999), a collection of aspirational stories, a New York Times Bestseller, and the basis for the Paramount feature film “Freedom Writers.” 

In addition to being a freelance business writer, I’m also very passionate about yoga, and when I’m not writing, I’m probably teaching or taking a yoga class.